The Axis Order – as presented here – can be traced back to the great written works of the series Konosuba providing us with the gospel of the Goddess Aqua.  Celebrated for her kind high-spirited personality, can-do attitude, and extraordinary feats, followers are seen praising the virtues of the Goddess, attempting to recruit additional members, and speaking of their dislike for other factions.

Here now, faithful followers continue to spread the various virtues of the Goddess through in-game guilds, across the internet, and beyond, converting heretics to followers.  All this requires time, investment and application of the gifts the Goddess has given to each of us.

If not already a follower, you could be one small step from being branded a Heretic!  Join our friendly community today for anime and gaming fandom, debates with heretics, and more – and become eligible for a range of Axis Order benefits; from cheap soap to the purest water in the land!

Our Credo:

The Axis Church can get things done. And because you can get things done, even if it doesn’t go well, it’s not your fault!

It’s society’s fault that things don’t work out!

You can run away from unpleasant things! That doesn’t mean you’ve lost!

Because, as they say, “Sometimes running away is winning”!

The answer you come to after being in doubt is usually something you’ll regret, no matter what you choose!

If you’re going to regret it anyway, do whatever’s easiest for you in the moment!

Do not fear growing old.

Not even God knows whether you will be happy in the future, so you should, at least, be happy now!

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