For the month of December
our Most Faithful contributor

8597 Points

Aqua Thanks You.


Every month, by virtue of the Goddess, the Axis Order holds a contest of faith.

Those that contribute to the Axis Order are awarded points by the Priesthood for their contributions.

The winners receive the Blessing of the Goddess.

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Follow us as we gracefully spreading our faith through activities favored by the Goddess.

The Axis Order is pushing a common vision across gaming and beyond, waging ongoing war against the Heretics!

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With the Goddess’ Blessings, dedicated contributors are able to Transcend to higher ranks as evidence of their formidable powers of influence!

The Axis Order is also able to offer followers a range of benefits, from cheap soap to the purest water in all the lands!  Join now!

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Last Month’s Top Scorers:

1. Clove (8597 pts) 9. [Team Pan] Stream 9pm (2420 pts)
2. Life is a JoJo Reference (4260 pts) 10. funky road sign (2127 pts)
3. Ghillie broke blessed (3605 pts) 11. [Sobble Squad] Barles Charkley (2054 pts)
4. Babydoll [] (3282 pts) 12. gogomi (2044 pts)
5. Ayashiru (3059 pts) 13. Esq [Team Pan] (2009 pts)
6. ꧁╲⎝Kitsumyr The Fennec Fox⎠╱꧂ (2876 pts) 14. Swaggurai (1883 pts)
7. 「lowercase」 (2746 pts) 15. CamBAM (TDZ) (1809 pts)
8. !Minyum! (2570 pts)

Ways to Earn (& Lose) Faith Points

1. Participate. 1 – 50 Points
Simple actions that benefit the order earn points. Check into the community frequently. Start conversations. Share news and interesting content.
5.  Attempted Recruitment / Public Affection. 25 Points
Recruitment unsuccessful? Points are still awarded for those that share their efforts to recruit a member, i.e. in-game activity / screenshots posted to Discord.
2. Be Creative. 1 – ∞ Points
Show off your art, photography, and creative skills to earn points. Attract ‘upvotes’ / ‘likes’ to collect even more.
6. Divine Inspiration. ??? Points
Special award given for notable acts. Creative and meaningful actions attract higher bonuses!
3. Recruitment. 100 Points
Earn points for recruiting members from anywhere e.g. forums / blogs / Reddit / social media.
7. Become Corrupted. Negative ??? Points
Soil the name of the Goddess, activity that requires mod intervention in Discord, any activity that harms the cause, may result in points being deducted.
4. In-Game Recruitment. 400 Points
Awarded for recruiting an Axis Order member from within a game.

Activity and contributions will be measured against Axis Order rules. The points system is in beta and values may be adjusted.

February 2019 Clove, Life is a JoJo Reference, Ghillie broke blessed, Babydoll [], Ayashiru, ꧁╲⎝Kitsumyr The Fennec Fox⎠╱꧂, 「lowercase」, !Minyum!, [Team Pan] Stream 9pm, funky road sign, [Sobble Squad] Barles Charkley, gogomi, Esq [Team Pan], Swaggurai, and CamBAM (TDZ).
January 2019 Chewey, 「lowercase」, Babydoll [], funky road sign, Another Loser Anthem, !☼mnoid, just married to 2 pillar man, Kotsube, Dia, Seeker, Swaggurai, Awoo , Barles Charkley [], Bánh Mì (not) HW1A [], and Vagabond Joe.
December 2019 Barles Charkley, jojoveemon, Yeezy loves Sprite Cranberry, xX❄Pad0ruKira❄Xx, UnderLaax, Seeker of Embers, 2B or not to 2B awooED, 「lowercase」, Kitsuwoo, Myri, Jababawoo, gogomi, Bánhwoo [], ¡Ferrek the beautiful duwang!, and !☼mnoid.
November 2018 ❄jojoKira❄, Sprite Cranberry Barles Charkley, jojoveemon, Swaggurai, ꧁╲⎝ᴷᶦᵗˢᵘⁿᵉ⎠╱꧂, ツ⎮𝔻𝙰⊺ ẞՕ𝐲℮⎮ツ, R e m i p e ç, ❄Freezing Eris Swed❄, ezrahime (wera’s property), Häru, ❄✧SupremeSnowBeingLordΩNom✧❄, Akash, Awoo – Padawoo padawoo, Senya ❄, Ed.
October 2018 Gobopan , Kira, MyraphiColors, $hizu the PADORU, PyroFruit, Thigh Papi Swed, ☠Captain Barles☠, ❤❤❤ Ed x Ezra ❤❤❤, Supreme Spoopy Being LordΩNom, ÆSTHΣTIC░Fox(ドュ延), † VıVı †, PartZebra, PhD , Babydoll, Härue, and c1rrus.
September 2018 Pumpkira, Awoo , Minion-chan-kun-san-senpai, faer!!!, greatveemon, Plum Pudding Points , Shizu [¬º-°]¬, Pantom, 雪圧岡崎Y U K I, ☠Barles, Skeleton Cost-sans-a☠, ꧁SPRINGROLLTSUNE|キツネ꧂, Fran-Fran, c1rrus, Spookyness, and Avanero.
August 2018 🎃Pumpkira🎃, 👻 Awoo 👻, 🦇Satania, Queen of all Hell!🦇, faer me!™, Vee Mal, ✧Jaden✧, Kirito (Asuna ❤), 🕯👻⚡ Pantom⚡👻🕯, ✨雪圧岡崎Y U K I✨, ☠Barles, Skeleton Cost-sans-a☠, ꧁SPOOKITSUNE|キツネ꧂, 🧛Fran-Fran🧛, c1rrus, 🎃👹Spookyness👹🎃, 🎃Avanero🎃
July 2018 Kitsune the Fox Oni, Amakusa Shizu, faer, red’s rabbit, ! Totally not a Tanuki, Kabbadragon, Satania-chan, Bloody Butterfly Barles x PAN, Nep-Nep, lefrogmin x memes , DuoDino, Vigne, Hanky, 「lowercase」, Liry Kedari, and Acci and the Wishing Tree.
June 2018 Akash, greatveemon, Shizu (Moe Man), weridpan, ꧁Kitsune The Fox Oni꧂, Yamamichi(EXMax), !☼mnoid x Emily , Ech0, Potato, ViVi, Banana Nep-Nep, Emily X !☼mnoid, Barles Charkley, Hanky, and Acci and the Wishing Tree.
May 2018 !☼mnoid x Emily ♥, Barles, Ocean of Emotion, Arendex 🍞, Chimera Prime 🥖, Minion-chan, ¡Ferrek the American 🥖 chef!, Comboxxie, Bánh Mì Đặc Biệt [🐝🥖], ViVi, lefrogmin 👏👏🥖, ꧁ƘI͡ƬS̡UMY͠R F̀o͝x͘ Ón͡i͜꧂, PANFORMER, Acci and the Wishing Tree 🎋, Garder, and ! ! ! !Tanuki (Not).
April 2018 !☼mnoid x Emily ♥, Avariin, Comboxxie, Chimera Prime, Barles Sharkley, Ed x Ezra????, Ami The Blue Slime, Korodrus, PAN x WERID <3, Nav desu~, Arendex, ꧁ƘIƬSUMYR Fox Oni꧂, ViVi, Acci and the Wishing Tree, Leo Blessed Prince of Chuuni.
March 2018 Weridpan, Acci and the Wishing Tree, Captain Barles, Nova the Tsundere Huggubus, MoistMelk, Ambassador Zel, Comboxxie, Oni-Chan(いいね!), ʰᵃᶰᵈˢᵒᵐᵉ ᶰᵉᵖ ˡᵒʳᵈ ᵛᶤᵛᶤ, TrueAquaMegaAxisHeresyPurge, Korodrus, SHADOW THE EDGELORD, ☼mnoid, Kitsune is Punpunmaru Angry, Lunar Princess Konan (Moob)
February 2018 Azyn (Sweet honey), ・Vivi・, !.Kitsune|キツネ|.!, Accitri, Avanero, Comboxxie, Barles Charkley, !LiarMind, Panda, いいね, gogomi, Weridpan, Anarth, Akae, PartZebra PhD
January 2018 Comboxxie, Azyn, Lunar Princes Konan (Moon), Otaku, Weridpan, Sireni, Accitri, Admiral Leo, Akae, Zel, Best Wiz, Kitsune The Fox (Romyr), いいね, Edhelios, DragonQueenKaty, Barles Charkley
December 2017 Otaku(8-manIRL), Comboxxie, Akash, New-year -Gambler/Edhelios, Zel, Lord of stars, Admiral Leo, InsaneHaze, Panda, Akae, Konan (Moon2SMUG), Greatveemon, RedNosedZebra, PhD :unicorn:, Bloody, CamBAM (TDZ), Boss_Katy_Dragon_Queen
November 2017 X-mas Gambler/Edhelios, Christmas Admiral Leo, Otaku(ChristmasKazIRL), ChristmasHaze, .ROwdy MerrYRtle, Merrizoid, Bloody Christmas, Yamamichi(EXMax), Linker, Combox, FestiveWatt, RedNosedZebra PhD, CamBAM (The Drawing Zero), greatveemon
October 2017 Mechazoid, OtakuNerd69, Akae, Spooky-chan, PartZebra PhD, F-Rank Gambler/Edhelios, Admiral Leo, Not Edgy, Aσ, Linktober
September 2017 Akae, Linker, Edhelios, Bloody, Aσ, Admiral Leo, PartZebra, Anarth, Zbrkesbris, Epten
August 2017 JaaEmpire, Akae, Aσ, Zbrkesbris, Anarth, Kestryk, Juve, Yamahama(Kotohana), Phantasmagoria(DreamFeather), Nyatenshii
July 2017 Akae, Kestryk, Zbrkesbris, Nyatenshii, Yamahama(Kotohana), Nagasaki, Dentso, Juve, Aσ, Captcha
June 2017 Aσ, 8bitWarlock(Ensuras), Epten, Akae, Dentso, Yamahama(Kotohana), Rivrioli, Goobx(Harbi), SlimeBestWaifu, wq2cc(Evyfiona)
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